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Binary relation


A term in discrete mathematics, including graph theory, and specifically conceptual graph theory.

General definition

A binary relation is a relation which relates two things.

CG definition

In CG theory, a binary relation is a relation that is connected with two concepts. That is, two arcs belong to the relation, the first going towards it and the second going away from it.

Bipartite graph

A term in graph theory.

A bipartite graph is a graph in which the set of nodes can be "partitoned" or "split" in two disjoint (or "separate") sets, A and B.

It must then also be true that all of the arcs of the graph "cross the boundary" between the two sets A and B. That is, any arc must either:

  1. Start in A and end in B, or
  2. Start in B and end in A.

That is, any arc must connect one node from A and one node from B.

Bound variable


A term in Prolog.


Variables can either be free or bound. A bound variable is a variable that has a value.

Bound variables can have their bindings broken, which means that the variable becomes free again. This typically happens when backtracking occurs.


A variable can share with another variable, which means that the variable is bound to whatever value the other variable has. If the other variable is still free, the variable that share with the other variable is also free. When one of the variables is bound to a value, both variables are bound to the same value.