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Element of a list


A term in the theory of lists.


A list is made up of elements. Thus, for example, a list of numbers has numbers as the elements. For example:


is a list with the following elements:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4

Again, a list can be made up of names. The following list:


has the following elements:

  • Peter
  • Paul
  • Mary
  • Susan

Thus an element in a list is a member of the list.



A term in conceptual graph theory (and other domains).


Generally, if an entity A is embedded within another entity B, then A is situated structurally inside of B. In addition, A is seen as a substructure within B.

In conceptual graph theory, a conceptual graph G can be embedded in the referent of a concept C. For example:

  "There is this situation: A man is walking."

In this example, the conceptual graph


is embedded inside the concept with the type "Situation".

Note how the conceptual graph is inside the concept, and note how the conceptual graph is a substructure of the concept.


Generally speaking, "Entity" is a name we can give to anything at all about which we wish to speak.

In conceptual graph theory, "Entity" is the top-most type in the type hierarchy; it is the one type which is a supertype of everything else. As such, it contrasts with Absurdity.