Part III: Advanced CG


This part is about advanced topics in CG theory. We will treat three topics in some detail:

  1. Referents
  2. Coreferents
  3. Nested graphs


Whereas types are groups of individuals, referents refer to the individuals themselves:

  [Type: Referent]


Concepts that refer to the same individual(s) may be linked with coreference links to show that they refer to the same concepts:

   [Person: #you]- - -[Person: Peter]
   "You are Peter"

Nested graphs

Concepts and conceptual graphs may be nested inside other concepts. For example, in the following graph, the graph denoting "The Sun is shining" is nested inside the Proposition concept:

      [Sun: #]<-(Agnt)<-[Shine]
   "The Sun is shining"


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