Part V: Exercises


The exercises were designed with a number of goals in mind. Specifically, the exercises should give the student skills in:

  • Reading conceptual graphs,
  • Producing conceptual graphs from simple sentences,
  • Thinking about and producing type-hierarchies, and in
  • Doing simple reasoning with conceptual graphs.

At the same time, the exercises are meant as an aid in learning the material to be learnt in the course. Therefore, some of the exercises ask you to reflect on parts of the course material.

Throughout the exercises, there will be links to relevant parts of the course materials. Use these links if you like, and skip them if you prefer that.

Four categories of exercises

There are four categories of exercises, corresponding to the four goals mentioned above.

Each of the four links below will take you to a page that lists the exercises in that category. You can pick and choose the exercises you wish to do. When you feel that you have done enough exercises from one group, feel free to go to another group. Use the "Next/Up/Prev" links at the bottom of the page to navigate the hierarchy.

The four categories are:

Have fun!

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