3.3 Examples


These are also examples of types and referents:

   [Cat: Felix]
   [Mouse: Eeek]
   [Cat: Garfield]
   [Dog: Odie]
   [Animal: Odie] 
   [Employee: Jon]
   [Professor: Alfred]

For example, in the concept:

   [Professor: Alfred]

"Professor" is the type and "Alfred" is the referent.

Prolog+CG notation

In Module II of this series of courses on conceptual graphs, we will learn about a system called Prolog+CG. Later on in this course, we will learn what an ontology is. In Prolog+CG, the above individuals could be specified, as part of an ontology, like this:

   Cat = Felix, Garfield.
   Mouse = Eeek.
   Dog = Odie.
   Employee = Jon.
   Professor = Alfred.

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