9.3 Locators: Indexicals


Indexical referents are used to refer to individuals whose indentity can be recovered or inferred from some context.

Indexical referents are a special kind of locator. The locators we have already seen, "John", "Aalborg", etc., are called "individual markers".

Special kinds, plus examples

  • "#" means "the"
       [Milk: #]<-(Thme)<-[Drink]->(Agnt)->[Cat: #]
       "The cat drinks the milk."
  • "#it", "#you", "#he", "#she", "#them", "#they", etc.

    These are pronouns in the general sense of the word. For example:

       [Person: #he]<-(Agnt)<-[Kiss]->(Benf)->[Person: #her]
       "He is kissing her (and she is a benefactor :-) )"
  • "#2.3", "#42"

    These are indexicals which refer to individuals in some implementation-dependent manner. For example:

       [Person: Arthur]<-(Agnt)<-[Brew]->(Rslt)->[CupOfTea: #42]
       "Arthur brews cup of tea '42'"

    Here, it is assumed that we can find out, by a search in a list or the like, which cup of tea is referred to by the indexical "#42".

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