9.4 Sets of things


We may use sets of things as referents. For example:

   [Guest: {Tom,Julia,Brad}]<-(Agnt)<-[Sing]-
               ->(Thme)->[Song: HappyBirthdayToYou]
               ->(To)->[Person: Alfred]
   "The guests, Tom, Julia, and Brad, sing a song, 'Happy Birthday
   to you,' to Alfred".

Here, "{Tom, Julia, Brad}" is a set of entities which fill the referent of the concept with the type "Guest".

"{*}": A "set of things"

A special set, "{*}" is used to say "a (plural) set of things".

For example:

   [Bird: {*}]

means "There are some birds" or simply "Birds".

With this definition, we can finally represent the real line from "Dream a little dream of me":

   [Sing]->(Agnt)->[Bird: {*}]->(In)->[SycamoreTree]
   "Birds singing in a sycamore tree"

Notice that by saying "{*}", we haven't specified how many there are, only that it is plural. A little later, we will learn how to say how many there are.

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