9.6 Counts

We can say how many individuals there are in the referent by using the '@' symbol:

   [Person]->(Has)->[Leg: @2]
   "There exists a person who has two legs"

Here, '@2' is used to say that there are two entities of type "Leg".

Another example:

   [Guest: {*}@40]<-(Agnt)<-[Give]-
                       ->(Rcpt)->[Person: Alfred],
                       ->(Thme)->[Present: {*}@37]
   "Forty guests give Alfred 37 presents"

the count may also have units, such as seconds or kilograms:

   [Song: HappyBirthdayToYou]->(Dur)->[Interval: @18 sec]
   "The song "Happy Birthday To You" has a duration 
      which is an interval 
      which has length 18 seconds"
   "Happy Birthday To You lasts 18 seconds"

Thus the '@' symbol can be used to say how many things there are in the set which makes up the referent.

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