Part I: Foundations


Welcome to Module II of the series of courses on Conceptual Graphs. Module I laid the foundation for Module II by introducing the general theory of conceptual graphs. In Module II, we will be using this theory to represent larger texts, and to reason about these texts. We will be using a specific computational tool for representing and reasoning about our texts, namely Prolog+CG.


Prolog+CG is an implementation in Java of the programming language Prolog, with extensions enabling easy use of conceptual graphs in Prolog+CG.

Conceptual graphs are first class datastructures in Prolog+CG, meaning that Prolog+CG treats conceptual graphs the way it treats any other data, and the same primitives are available for conceptual graphs as are available for any other data type in Prolog.

Thus writing and using conceptual graphs are easy to do using Prolog+CG.

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