2.3 Daily Prolog+CG usage

Cutting and pasting

You can use standard Windows procedures for cutting and pasting in the two windows. If you want to copy something from the lower section of the main window (the query-area), use the mouse to select what you want to copy. You will have to wait with letting go of the mouse-button until after you have pressed Ctrl-C.

Cutting and pasting can be very useful when writing similar queries one after the other.

After compilation

After compilation, the query-area will contain information on whether the compilation succeeded or failed. You will be told to "Please, click to switch to the console mode." This means that you should click either in the query-area or the program-area, and you will be returned to being able to write queries in the query-area.

However, sometimes this does not work, and the system is stuck without being able to write queries. If this happens, it is sometimes possible to bring it back to its normal state, but sometimes it is best to save and exit the system, then restart the system.

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