4.3.3 Concept descriptors


Concept descriptors are used to associate data with a concept.

This data can be any type of Prolog+CG data, but most often, we use CGs as concept descriptors. This enables us to write nested graphs.


Concept descriptors are separated from the concept type and concept referent by an equals sign:

[Type = Descriptor]


[Type : Referent = Descriptor]


Entity > Proposition, Animal, Act.

Animal = Wolf, Lamb.
Act = Persuade.

prop([Proposition =
        [Animal : Wolf]<-AGNT-[Act : Persuade]-RCPT->[Animal : Lamb]

This example is available in the AAU directory as Aesop5.plgCG.


Here, the subgraph

[Animal : Wolf]<-AGNT-[Act : Persuade]-RCPT->[Animal : Lamb]

is the descriptor of the concept Proposition.

You will often use CGs as descriptors of concepts with types such as Proposition, Utterance, Cause, Effect, If, Then, etc.

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