7.2.3 AND


In normal CG notation, two connected graphs that stand side by side are implicitly assumed to be logically connected by "and".

Since Prolog+CG does not allow two adjacent graphs that are not connected to each other, we have to find some other way of representing "AND".


One possible solution would be to surround the two graphs with concepts of type "Situation", "Proposition", or the like, and then place a relation called "AND" in between.

[Proposition = ...]-AND->[Proposition = ...]

Below we give an example of this:

Example of template

// AND-Template 
// Available in the AAU directory as And-template.plgCG
// Ulrik Petersen
// Created: Mid-September 2003
// Last update: September 18, 2003

// Type hierarchy
Entity > Physical, Abstract.
Abstract > Proposition, Attribute.
Attribute > Mortal.
Physical > Object.
Object > Person.
Person > Man.

// Catalog of instances
Person = Socrates.
Man = Socrates.

// Socrates is a man, and Socrates is Mortal
graph(Socrates1, [Proposition =
                      [Man: Socrates]
                 ]-AND->[Proposition =
                      [Person: Socrates]-ATTR->[Mortal]


This template comes from Ulrik Petersen.

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