7.3.6 concOfCG

The concOfCG goal is used to check whether a certain concept C is part of a CG G.

The goal does bind variables in the concept C to their counterparts in the graph G. This means that you can use concOfCG to extract parts of a graph.

For example, if you have used subsume or branchOfCG to check that a graph conforms to a certain pattern, you can extract the referent of a specific concept in the graph:

// The car is thirsty
graph(CarIsThirsty, [Car: X]-ATTR->[Metaphor = [Car: X]<-EXPR-[Thirsty] ]).

// The head of the department is a snake in the grass
graph(HeadIsSnake, [Person: X]-
                      -CHRC->[Title: Head_of_department],
                      -ATTR->[Metaphor = [Snake]-LOC->[Grass]]).

// Rule

// Find the target domain of a metaphor
target(L, T) :- 
    graph(L, G),       // Get the graph and its label
    subsume([Metaphor], G),  // Check that it has a metaphor
    concOfCG([Metaphor = T], G).  // Get the metaphor's target domain

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