Part I: Foundations


Welcome to Module III of the series of courses on Knowledge Representation using Conceptual Graphs. In this module, we will explore a tool for building ontologies, called the Amine platform.

The Amine platform

Amine is a set of software tools for constructing intelligent multi-agent systems. At the moment, only parts of the goal have been realized by Prof. Dr. Adil Kabbaj and his team.

What is already there, however, is a number of tools, one of which we will learn about in this module. This tool is the ontology builder of Amine.

An "ontology builder" helps build "ontologies". But what is an ontology?

Let us start with a more general definition, namely answering the question, "what is ontology"?


Ontology is (to paraphrase John Sowa) the study of the categories that exist in some domain of interest.

An ontology, on the other hand, is the product of such a study. That is, an ontology is a catalog of the categories that exist in some domain, showing their interrelationships using the "is-a" relation.

Please read this first

Before reading any further, please take the time to read Module I.

You will need the information there in order to make sense of Module III. Therefore, please do not skip reading Module I.

When you are done, you can return here and continue with Module III.


Assuming you have read Module I, the next page describes Module III, giving an overview, plus useful hints for how to use it.

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