1 Preliminaries

The parts of this module

This module is divided into four parts.

Part I contains preliminary information which is good to know before starting to read the rest of the material.

Part II contains an introduction to the ontology builder of Amine. As such, it constitutes the meat of the module.

Part III contains some exercises.

Part IV contains some reference materials.


Scattered throughout the text of these notes will be links to the Glossary. Use these links whenever you want to. Some of the terms used are only defined in the glossary, while they are used with little or no explanation in the running text. Therefore, if there are any terms you don't know, using the glossary may prove to be a fruitful use of time.

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On many of the following pages, there will be a short summary at the bottom of the page highlighting the main points of the page. Use these summaries to make sure you understand the main points.

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These notes are about how to build ontologies using the ontology builder from the Amine Platform.

Part I gives useful background information. Part II introduces the ontology builder of Amine. Part III contains some exercises. Part IV contains reference materials.


The next page gives hints on how to download and install the Amine Platform if you want to do this on your own machine.

The whole package has already been installed on the machines in the laboratories at Kroghstræde 3.

If you do not want to install Amine on your own machine, you can skip past the download and installation.

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