3 Unpacking Amine


The following instructions are for Windows. Other operating systems will have similar procedures.

We will assume that you have downloaded both the Java VM and Amine-2.0.3.zip.

Starting the extraction

Assuming you have placed the Amine-2.0.3.zip folder on the Desktop, double-click on this folder.

You will see the following contents of the folder:

Copying the folder Amine203

In the folder that has just opened copy the folder Amine203 to the Program Files folder (in Danish: Programmer). You normally have permissions to copy the Amine203 folder to the Program Files folder, if you're using your private computer. If that poses a problem, you can copy the folder to the Documents folder (in Danish: Dokumenter) instead, even if the Amine203 folder strictly speaking contains program code, ie. the Amine system.


We're not done installing, however. The next page takes you through the steps of completing the installation.

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