4.1 Locating the java.exe program


Why do we need to locate the java.exe program? This is because there may be more than one java.exe program on your computer, and we need to run Amine with the right one.


  1. Go til Start --> Search

  2. Choose "For Files or Folders"

  3. In "Search for files or folders named:", write:

  4. Make sure "Look in" is set to:

    Local Harddrives (C:)

    or similar.

  5. Press "Search Now"

  6. You should get several java.exe instances in the search window. Select the one whose directory is similar to the following:

    E:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_05\bin
  7. Right-click on this java.exe, and choose "Open Containing Folder". A window such as the following should appear:

  8. Make sure the Address field (path) is highlighted, as in the picture above. Then copy this to the clipboard using Ctrl-C.

  9. You're done with this step.


Next, we need to edit the .bat file that will start Amine. The next page shows how to do this.

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