4.3 Making a shortcut on the desktop


Making a shortcut on the desktop will make it easier to start Amine in subsequent sessions. You can then just show the desktop and double-click on the Amine icon.


  1. Open Windows Explorer if it isn't open yet.

  2. Make sure you can see part of the desktop as well as Windows Explorer. This can be done by minimizing Windows Explorer, then resizing it so that a portion of the desktop appears.

  3. Navigate to:

  4. Locate the "runAmineSuite.bat" file.

  5. Right-click this file and choose "Opret genvej" (English: Create shortcut).

  6. A shortcut will appear, named "shortcut to runAmineSuite.bat" or similar. We need to rename this to something more meaningful.

    Therefore, right-click this shortcut, and choose "Omdøb" (English: Rename):

  7. Write "Amine 2.0.3":

  8. We now need to place it on the desktop. Simply drag and drop it onto any visible part of the desktop.

  9. If you don't like the place where the shortcut was dropped, show the desktop by pressing the icon for this on the taskbar, then move the "Amine 2.0.3" shortcut wherever you like.

  10. You're done installing! Congratulations!

Is everything OK?

If you've followed the instructions on the last three pages, you should now be able to double-click on the "Amine 2.0.3" icon on the desktop and thereby start Amine. Try it now. If it doesn't work, you will need to go back and retrace your steps.

One possible error you may have made is not putting a backslash between the path to the java.exe program and the java program itself, while editing the runAmineSuite.bat file.

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