7.2.1 Add a language

What now?

The first step of the wizard sets the language(s) that are going to be used with the ontology. Amine supports using several languages (e.g., English, French, Danish) in the same ontology.

However, in this module we shall not use the multilingual capabilities of Amine, but rather concentrate on English as the sole language in which to express our ontologies.

Empty first step

The first step of the wizard starts out with an empty dialog box like this:

Press "Add"

In order to add a language (e.g., English), press the "Add" button:

Do so now.

Add a language

You will be presented with the following dialog box:

Write "English" (without the quotes) in the dialog box, and click "OK".


The first dialog box will now look like this:

One could have added another language now, but we shall not need to do so in this course, so please don't do it.

Move on

In order to go to the next step of the "Wizard", click "OK":

Do so now.

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