7.2.3 Choose top of ontology

What now?

Step 3 of the wizard chooses the "top" or "root" of the ontology.

As you will know from having read the Ontology Part of Module 1, ontologies are often organized in lattices or trees, and lattices and trees always have a "top" node which is "highest" in the hierarchy.

In Amine, ontologies are almost lattices. They share, at least, the property with lattices of having a "top". The details of why ontologies are only almost lattices are quite obscure and need not concern you.

What is important now is that you need to specify what the "top" node of the ontology will be.

Specifying the top node

The top of ontologies are often called one of the following:

  • Universal
  • Entity
  • Top

For now, please call the top "Universal" (without the quotes):

And click "OK".

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