9.1 Inserting a subtype: Physical

What we'll do

One of the earliest ontological distinctions made in philosphy was that between "Physical" and "Abstract". It was made by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

On this page, we'll add the "Physical" concept type as an immediate subtype of the "Universal" type.

Later, we'll add the "Abstract" type.

Right-clicking "Universal"

Start by clicking on "Universal" to highlight it.

Then right-click it.

A pop-up menu will appear:

Choose the "Insert" submenu

From the pop-up menu, choose the "Insert" submenu:

Then select the "(Sub)Type" menu-item.

Giving the subtype a name

You will be asked to give the new subtype a name.

For now, give it the name "Physical":

Then click "OK".

The result

The result looks like this:

Note how "Physical" is now a sub-type of "Universal". This is shown by the tree-like structure.

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