9.4 Objects

What now?

Now we'll diversify our ontology with some "Objects".

An "Object" is a Physical thing which exists in itself (Peirce would say "a firstness"), and which endures over time, i.e., it has existence beyond a mere transient moment.

Subtypes of "Object"

Add these three types as immediate subtypes of "Object":

  • Artefact
  • Animal
  • Human

An artefact is a man-made object or thing, like a car or a hammer.

In this ontology, we wish to make the distinction that "Human" is not an "Animal". If we had wished to make a Human an Animal, we would have placed "Human" as a subtype of "Animal".

There are valid reasons for not doing so, e.g., if we wish to draw the distinction for narratological purposes, or for religious/philosophical purposes.

Add "Car" and "Man"

  1. Add "Car" as an immediate subtype of "Artefact".

  2. Add "Man" as an immediate subtype of "Human".

(Feel free to add "Woman" underneath "Human" as well, if you like.)


Or ontology is beginning to be meaningful. Next, we add acts. This will pave the way for some interesting CG operations later.

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