9.5 Acts

What now?

On this page, we'll add "Act" underneath "Process", and and "Drive" underneath "Act".


A "Process" is something physical that takes only a brief time, relative to some time-scale. (Depending on the time-scale, mountain-erosion can be seen as a process, as can a balloon popping, albeit with a different time-scale).

"Acts" are Processes. Examples of "Acts" include "Drive", "Eat", "Sleep", "Travel", "Speak (a sentence)", etc.

Note, however, that this is not the definition of "Process" that Sowa uses in his 2000-book. Instead, Sowa would probably call "Drive", "Eat", etc. "Situations". However, we shall keep things simple and call them "Processes".

Add "Act" and "Drive"

Add "Act" as an immediate subtype of "Process", and "Drive" as an immediate subtype of "Act":


Now we can nearly use our ontology for something interesting. However, we need some relations and individuals before we can really get going, so please stay tuned and go to the next page.

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