9.7 Try it yourself

What now?

Now we need to add some more relations, to make our ontology useful.

Add the following as immediate subtypes of "Relation":

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these relations if you have forgotten what they mean. Use the links above.

The result

The result looks something like this:

Note that the order does not matter. What matters is that they are all immediate subtypes of "Relation".

Add "Attribute" and "Sex"

On the following pages, we will need to refer to "Male" and "Female" as subtypes of "Sex". Therefore, you should add them now:

You have already added Schema as a subtype of "Abstract".

Now, add:

  1. "Attribute" as a subtype of "Schema", and

  2. "Sex" as a subtype of "Attribute"

  3. "Female" as a subtype of "Sex"

  4. "Male" as a subtype of "Sex"

as follows:

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