9.8 Individuals

What now?

On this page, we will add the individual "Alfred" underneath the type "Man".

Recall that there is a distinction between individuals and types.

A type always only exists in the abstract, and is a name we give to a category of individuals that are similar.

For example, "Dog" is a type, whereas "Pluto" and "Odie" are individuals of the type "Dog".

Similarly, "Man" is a type, whereas "Alfred" is an individual of type "Man".

Adding "Alfred"

  1. Click on "Man" to select it.
  2. Right-click "Man".
  3. Choose "Insert" from the pop-up menu.
  4. Choose "Individual" from the second pop-up menu.

Then write "Alfred" (without the quotes):

And click "OK".

The result

The result should look something like the following:

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