10 Adding CGs

What now?

The previous chapter dealt with the basics of building ontologies with Amine.

This chapter will build on that foundation by showing how conceptual graphs can be added to the conceptual structures in the ontology.

Advantages of adding CGs

The advantages of adding conceptual graphs include:

  • We can define types: We can answer the question, "What do they really mean?"
  • We can add typical usages of types (also called "Canons"): We can say, for example, that a hammer is typically used as an instrument by an agent in the Act of "Hammering".
  • It becomes easier to reason about the ontology.

Thus adding conceptual graphs to our ontology will make it richer and more useful for formalising texts and reasoning about them.


In the following, we will:

  1. Explain how to write CGs.
  2. Show how to be enable the CG editor.
  3. Talk about "Definition" versus "Canon".
  4. Show how to set the Canon.
  5. Show how to set the Definition.
  6. Encourage you to try it yourself..
  7. Summary.

Writing CGs

The syntax for writing CGs is almost the same as for Prolog+CG.

However, as it is only almost the same, and as we don't need all the Prolog+CG information, the next pages summarize how to write CGs.

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