10.4 Setting the Canon

What now?

On this page, we will set the canon CG of the agnt relation.

Write the canon CG

Be sure to follow the instructions about opening up the contents pane. Do so for the "agnt" relation.

Then write the canon as follows:

You may need a reminder of what x_source and y_target are for.

Click "Set"

In order to finish setting the canon, click the "Set" button:

You need to do this to make the chances permanent.

The "debug frame"

If you entered the CG correctly, you will see the following message in the "debug frame":

The "debug frame" is the white window that has been in the background ever since you opened the LexiconsOntology builder. It will tell you whether all is OK or whether something is wrong when you perform certain actions, such as setting a CG.

If the above message is not the message you see, but you see an error message, simply go back and correct whatever you were doing (the CG syntax may be wrong, for example), and try again. You will be told in the debug frame whether you did everything correctly.

Close the contents pane

After you have set the Canon CG successfully, be sure to close the contents pane, by clicking on "Close":

This will allow you to work with the contents of other conceptual structures.

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