10.6 Try it yourself

What now?

Now is the time to try setting the canon and/or definition yourself for some conceptual structures.


Set the definition of "Woman" as follows:

If you don't have "Woman" and "Female" in your ontology, please add them now:

  • "Universal" -> "Physical" -> "Object" -> "Human" -> "Woman"
  • "Universal" -> "Abstract" -> "Schema" -> "Attribute" -> "Sex" -> "Female" (all of these are concept types, so use "Right click" -> "Insert" -> "(Sub)Type").


The "benf" relation (beneficiary) is typically used to connect an Act with a Human (or Animate, but we don't have that in our ontology).

Add a canon like this:

You may need a reminder of what "x_source" and "y_target" are for.


A "ptnt" (Patient) is a Physical thing which undergoes structural change as the result of a Process. This means that its canon can be set as follows:

Do so now.

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