11.3 Summary

Multiple inheritance

Multiple inheritance is generated by:

  1. Inserting/adding a conceptual structure.
  2. Inserting/adding a conceptual structure with the same name underneath another type.


In the case of multiple inheritance, you can quickly jump from one placement in the tree to the next placement of the same conceptual structure by:

  1. Clicking the conceptual structure in question.
  2. Right-clicking, and
  3. Selecting "Next".


A Situation is a configuration of time-space with some objects. In Amine, you can add a situation with a description by:

  1. Following the usual instructions for inserting a CS, but
  2. Selecting "Situation" instead of "(Sub)Type".
  3. Clicking, then right-clicking the "SIT" CS that arises,
  4. Selecting "Show Content" from the pop-up menu.
  5. Writing the description CG in the content pane.
  6. Clicking "Set" in the content pane.

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