Online Course in Knowledge Representation using Conceptual Graphs  

Conceptual Graphs is a formal language developed by John F. Sowa, based on the work of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Conceptual Graphs are particularly suitable for formal representation of meaning.

The material is self-contained, and requires no prior knowledge of computer programming or experience in knowledge representation.

The production of this material is financially supported by Humanistic Informatics at Department of Communication, Aalborg University, Denmark, and by the Flexnet Project in Information Science, University of Southern Denmark.

Introductory Lecture

This section features a streaming video of an introductory lecture on knowledge representation using Conceptual Graphs by Henrik Schärfe, Research Fellow at Department of Communication, Aalborg University, Denmark

Module 1

Module 1 takes you through the basics of Conceptual Graphs.
Topics Include: Concepts, relations, ontology, and reasoning.
Each section contains a multiple choice quiz.

Module 2

Module 2 is an introduction to PrologPlusCG, a programming language that combines the programming facilities of Prolog (PROgramming in LOGic) with the expressive power of Conceptual Graphs.
PrologPlusCG is developed by Dr. Adil Kabbaj of the I.N.S.E.A. Institute in Marocco.